Netanya was formed in 2010 by the Israeli musician Micha Kaplan in Berlin.
Between 2010 and 2012 Kaplan wrote recorded and produced the first Netanya album; „we are one two three“.
The songs are rough, aggressive, hooky, funny and weird, offering an intense sonic and emotional journey. Many musicians from diverse musical backgrounds took part in this album, i.a.: 
Ofrin, Riff Cohen, Stefan Rusconi, Jake Zoo, Maya Dunietz, Bruno Dorella.

Nowadays Netanya is joining forces with:

Micha Kaplan - Vocals, Bass
Shatzky - Vocals, Keys
Liad Vanounou - Guitar
Benjamin Amberg  - Drums


Shatzky Benjamin Amberg
Micha Kaplan Liad Vanounou